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    • Security breaches cost US organizations an estimated $25.8 billion[1] annually, yet many fail to effectively recognize and prioritize the next big wave of risk to IT security from unknown threats
    • 83 percent report their current security processes enable IT to immediately identify a security breach, yet actual detection of the breach took seven hours on average
    • Nearly three-quarters of organizations surveyed have admitted to experiencing a security breach within the last 12 months, but only 18 percent consider predicting and detecting unknown threats a top security concern

A new generation of unknown security threats stemming from megatrends and technologies like BYOD, mobility, cloud computing, and Internet usage, as well as internal actions both accidental and malicious, introduce organizations to a multitude of new risks. According to a Dell global security survey released today, however, the majority of IT leaders around the world say they don’t view these threats as top security concerns and are not prioritizing how to find and address them across the many points of origin. In fact, when respondents were asked to look at long term priorities, only 37 percent ranked unknown threats as a top security concern in the next five years. 

Epidemic threats come from all perimeters, both inside and outside of the organization, and are often hidden in poorly configured settings or permissions, and ineffective data governance, access management and usage policies. Dell’s global security survey of leading public and private sector security decision-makers gauged their awareness of, and preparedness for this new wave of threats plaguing IT security. 

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